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What I Should Have Done

Post  Christina Barrett on Sun Jan 17, 2010 6:58 am

Embarassed I should have just went to college one semester because I had blackheads. I got almost all As. What do you say to one good semester of violin in string class for music ed + piano | organ | voice + freshman voice lab?

What do you think about doing cheerleading in Catholic junior hi as opposed to going to a modern dance school or ballet school? I was really confused. I almost was in it. I didn't do dance team in high school since my Oma came the whole summer. High school has auditions the semester before, and college does that semester like junior hi. confused I moved from a school that did it in 4th grade as junior varsity maybe, though I did gymnastics just not on a team but also stopped ballet and did baton. They had 5th grade when I was in 6th grade, and only 2 people from my class were in it. I moved and it starts 7th grade. The next year new unathletic people did it. They hung out with the blonde science teacher in a club she made just then. A fat girl a day younger did it but wasn't in the beginning pic and her freshman year was coach at the Catholic high school because it was so sparse. jocolor She said hi to me watching. I went to a new ballet school my 2nd year, and the ballet minor helped. I looked at the real ballet school before doing anything at that one. I just said yes to this one to be quick. But I stayed there 3 years. It was the modern dancers' ballet. It was just leaping across the floor, next to a pizza and laser joint owned by a brunette family. albino tongue What a Face

So I made flag team and my fat band friend a year older didn't so I didn't do it. So did the freshman in dance team from my school. I know there were 2 others. The other was the only attractive one on the team. They were just comfortable from modern dance and competition, but they didn't do it their whole life so I had a break and started earlier. I did gymnastics and then ballet. pig clown I tried out for 10th grade, and a lot of others did it. It just wasn't worth it if the white girl wasn't in it. They did switch around.

So next mistake is college. I could have just went one semester at that point. I was doing okay in some of my classes. I enjoyed band, but I could have quit. I did ballet on Tuesday and gymnastics on Thursday. I don't know. My auditing Chemistry II was neat. My scores raised most.

What was my mistake in 11th grade? I liked my new school. That was 2003. I feel I should have just done Talented Theater. We didn't do the composition contest. We did the senior play, and this time the drama teacher stayed. I could have not done that. I wish I did that. I wasn't in drama club. I would had taken physics and bible. Too bad I wasn't allowed to audition for dance team at another school and they didn't do cheerleading at the unaccredited one.

So, first thing is I wish I did this in college:
1. Theory I - 4 crh.
2. Voice - 2 crh.
3. Freshman Voice Lab - 0 crh.
4. Ballet II - 2 crh.
5. Ballet Prep
6. French Diction & Repertoire I - 1 cr.
7. German Diction & Repertoire I - 1 cr.
10 crh.

I could have done the 2nd semester because they have a recital don't they?
1. Theory II - 4 crh.
2. Voice - 2 crh.
3. Italian Diction & Rep. - 1 crh.
4. Ballet II - 2 crh.
5. Ballet Prep
6. French Diction & Repertoire II - 1 cr.
7. German Diction & Repertoire II - 1 cr.
11 cr.

Then I could come back the next semester. I should not have taken many classes abroad up north.
1. Voice - 4 crh.
2. Theory III - 2 + 2 crh.
3. Ballet - 1 crh.
9 crh.

2 or 3 more in New Orleans
1. Voice - 2 crh.
2. Theory IV - 4 crh.
3. Ballet Rep - 3 crh.
9 crh.

make-up for Katrina semester
1. Voice - 3 crh.
2. Ballet Rep - 3 crh.

1. Voice - 3 crh.
2. Ballet Rep - 3 crh.

20 - junior
1. Voice - 3 crh.
Dance Team

Then I could come home.

confused No

I could have gotten in for singing easily no biggie. There were really uptight people my age who didn't go from audition, that very thin sleek honey curled girl. I should have just done singing at some point and woken up for ballet or if I could do dance team and didn't like the teen gymnastics. I took youth gymnastics later. I should have quit the church. I should have just done ballet and got ready for singing auditions. I wish my Loyola pre schedule was different.
1. Religion IV
2. Health | Civics
3. World History
I wish I stayed at public school again and did dance team. I did American History over the summer from the giant lady. Shocked clown
1. Health
2. Free Enterprise
3. Dance Team
4. Talented Theater
They even said I could quit. I always talked to my favorite teachers or they talked to me.


I wonder about my doing art in 4th grade. I should had switched to Spanish dance. Or wait I could had done tumbling. I wish I did tumbling and ballet since I was 1 + 2. I wish I did no extra requirements and did cheerleading in jr hi and dance team in hi school.

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